How to Open Up an iPod

Many iPod users will agree that opening up an iPod is not a simple task. This is because the manufacturers have put in place measures that ensure the safety of the device. What happens when you want to change the battery of your iPod? How do you go about the procedure? How to open an iPod is one of the most frequently asked questions. The need or desire to open up an iPod is informed by many things. However, the most common ones are the need to change the battery of your iPod, hack into the iPod or simply curiosity to find out how an iPod looks like on the inside. Either way, the process is pretty simple and can be accomplished by anyone.

The first step basically entails taking out your iPod out of its casing and laying it on a flat surface. One should then use a pocket knife to pry open the iPod. The next step is for a person to hold the iPod while the screen faces the palm of one’s hand and wedge a thin part of the tool between the two parts of the iPod   casing. One should then wiggle until the case is open. This will lead to the next step which is basically to separate the top side of the iPod from the bottom and opening it carefully. This procedure is pretty simple and all that is needed is for a person to be careful while doing it.

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