How to Open iPhone 4 Sim Slot:

The iphone 4 is a complicated yet sophisticated phone that continues to take the world by storm. This is influenced by the fact that the phone has gained immense popularity due to its unique features and functionality. Many people find it difficult to open the micro sim card of an iphone 4. This explains why one of the most frequently asked questions by iphone users is”how to open iphone 4 sim slot”. All you need is for you to have a paper click and everything else will fall into place. The first thing to learn in order to open iphone 4 sim slot is to locate the micro sim card slot on the iphone. The spot can be easily located on the right side of the phone.

The next step is to find a paper clip. The paper clip should be gently inserted into the tiny hole of the micro sim card slot and the sim card will pop out slowly. The last step is to gently pull the slot out using your forefinger and thumb. This will enable a person to slide in a sim card or replace it. The process is pretty simple and anyone can do it so long as they are careful. In a nutshell, it’s imperative for every iphone 4 owner to learn how to open iphone 4 sim slot.

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