How to Open iPhone 4 Battery

One may require replacing their iPhone4 battery when it is damaged or when it is not storing power for long. To carry out the process without damages one ought to know how to open iPhone 4 battery. The phone is propped on a flat surface with the power button closer to the ground. A paper clip is inserted in the sim card slot found on the top of the phone. When the sim card tray pops out, the sim card removed. The two screws on the dock are opened using a screwdriver and kept aside.

A thin metal is inserted in the gap between the glass panel and the silver back cover. The back cover is removed carefully from the panel. This should be done with caution not to damage the iPhone’s delicate interior. The front panel is kept aside. Unscrew the seven screws on the thin metallic cover and pull out the metallic ribbon. The logic board should be pulled slowly out of the iPhone casing. Unplug the cords connecting the iPhone camera and the logic board. Grab the tabs on the silver tab on the edge of the phone battery and then pull it out of the iPhones case. One should be keen when learning how to open iPhone 4 battery not to cause damage to the delicate electronics in the phone interior.

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