How to Open iPhone 4 Back Cover

Initially, Apple was skeptical about users opening up iphones or getting internal access to them. The phones came with clear warning to users not to tamper or remove batteries from the iphone. However, this has gradually changed as recent iphones are easy to access for users. How to open iphone 4 back cover is the utmost question in the minds of many individuals who own iphone 4. Learning how to open iphone 4 back cover is pretty simple and entails users following on a few steps. Considering that an iphone 4 is a sophisticated phone that is expensive, it’s important for users to exercise utmost caution when opening the back cover. This is meant to reduce the damages that might be caused by negligence.

The first thing to do when opening up an iphone back cover is to remove two screws at the bottom of the phone. The screws should then be placed in a safe place where they cannot get lost. The next step entails a person sliding the back cover a lit bit and then lifting it and removing it. This procedure is pretty simple and all that an iphone user needs to do is ensure that they are careful whenever they are doing the process so as not to lose the screws or cause any kind of damage on the iphone.

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