How to Open iphone 3G

The iphone 3g is designed in such a manner that it does not have obvious seam and gaps for opening it. One needs to know how to open iphone 3g for either repair or mere curiosity to know how it looks like because the device has sensitive electronics which could cause damage forever. The owner should be cautioned that this causes expiry of the warranty.

The person opening it should earth themselves by stepping on metallic surfaces so as to remove static electricity which might damage the device. The sim card is then removed using a paper clip from the phone. The two screws at the bottom of the case is then removed to release the case. The front face is then removed using a thin object which is inserted between the iphone case and the glass and applying a gentle force. The ribbons attaching the back case and front display are unplugged. The screws on the back case are removed and the fourth ribbon unplugged to show the internal parts of the iphone. The iphone’s battery and the LCD can be removed for one to have a clear view of the internal electronics. With the knowledge on how to open iphone 3g one can later assemble following the procedure in reverse.

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