How to Move Music from One IPod to Another

There are many reasons as to why a person would want to transfer music from one iPod to another. The desire may be influenced by the fact that one has acquired a new iPod and therefore wants to transfer music from it or maybe they want to enjoy the music from another iPod owned by a friend. Either way, the most frequently asked question is how to move music from one iPod to another. It’s imperative to note that the process of moving or transferring music from one iPod to another is pretty simple and all that is required is for a person to follow the provided steps to the letter. If one wants to enjoy music from another iPod, then they need to do so in the following steps.

First step entails downloading iPod to iPod and installing it. This would take approximately 15 seconds for iPod to iPod to detect your device. The next step is to use the right click button to carry out a range of actions. The third step is to select the songs or music one wishes to transfer by dragging them to the destination panel or simply click on the arrows to move music from one iPod to another. This process is pretty simple and can be accomplished by anyone provided they follow the simple steps to the letter.

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