How to Move Music from iPod to Computer Windows 7

Individuals who own an iPod will agree that this is a unique device that combines innovative technologies, style and unique features. It’s particularly popular among individuals who love to listen to music wherever they go. An iPod is a unique device manufactured by Apple which continues captures the attention of individuals across the globe. The major question in the minds of many individuals however is how to move music from iPod to computer windows 7. There are a number of people who would love to move music from their iPods to their computer windows 7. The good news however is that the process is pretty simple and can be accomplished by anyone irrespective of how tech savvy they are.

The first step basically entails opening up windows explorer, going to tools, folder options and then view. One should then check the box for show hidden files and folders and click ok. The second step is to connect an iPod to a computer and click on the iPod control subfolder then music. One should then copy all the music into a new folder and then open up iTunes. The last step is to basically click on the folder with the music in iTunes and it will import all the music to the playlist.

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