How To Make Your iPhone’s Battery Life Live Even Longer? 5 Top Battery Case Recommandation

It seems that iPhone is no longer an ordinary mobile phone but already become a super device which combines functions like camera, game, GPS and other things all in one. It’s really powerful however we often get upset by its “short life” of battery, but maybe having a battery case will be a good solution for your pains.  Then let me introduce you these 5 top list battery cases below:

Juice pack plus ($99.95):

Mophie’s Juice pack plus, Probably the most well-known battery case for it adds up more than double the battery life  so that you can fully take advantage everything your iPhone has to offer. The designee of a standby switch allows you to choose when you need and four LED buttons on the bottom keeping tab on how much power it left.  7 color waiting for you there

 Juice Pack Plus


Elite ($79.95):

The thinnest and fastest charging iPhone battery cases rolled out by PhoneSuit. Only 17mm thin but have 2100mAh power to provide you over 100% power and truly double your battery.  Rapidly charge your iPhone within 2 hours. There’s also a LED light meter on the back revealing the remaining power status.  Ergonomics design makes it match Apple’s premier standards. But there’re only black and white to pick.More colors are coming soon.

 Elite phone suite


Boost case plus ($79.95):

A sophisticated battery technology automatically detects iPhone for toggling on/off. You can also choose manual mode by pressing and holding on/off to switch.  Blue LED lights indicate all stages of battery level. A durable-grip protective shell makes it very comfortable and safe to hold

 Boost Case Plus


Mojo ($69.95):

It comes with two removable batteries which provides with extra %85 power for you but only 2 colors to choose (B&W)



Power Rock ($34.95):

Although its appearance isn’t very nice, the price is however very attractive and affordable.  A 2200mAh battery helps you to long last your battery life.Only black to chose but more colors are coming soon.

 Power Rock


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