How to Make iPhone Wallpaper from Existing Pictures

iPhone allow one to set images for the lock screens that is displayed when you press the power button on to bring the iPhone from sleep mode and the home screen which is usually visible behind the screens icons. All this images are referred to as the wallpapers and can be set from existing pictures. For one to have the favorite picture on the screen they need to know how to make iPhone wallpaper from existing pictures.

On e should launch the setting application on the iPhone by tapping its icon the home screen. Tap the button showing the wallpaper icon, then the image that show the current home screen and lock screen wallpapers. The camera roll is tapped to display list of the photo images that were taken using the iPhone. After picking on the  preferred image to be used as the wall paper, resize and edit using two fingers on the touch screen and when satisfied tab the set button. Tap the “set home screen” button if one want to use the image for home screen wallpaper or the “set lock screen” button when one want to use the image as lock screen wallpaper. Learning how to make iPhone wallpaper from existing pictures will help one to change the wallpapers with pictures of choice.


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