How to make an APP

Everything told us nothing is impossible. We saw instagram which is only made of by 13 people worth $1billion to the facebook few days ago; even more concluded that creative idea and meet market demand are always the key to success.

To make an APP looks sort of not that much big business and it is easy to go for the young people. Well, if you have got a very suddenly enlightenment of a new APP. Although you are not a professional designer, it still could make it happen. Of course not only one, the better is with your partner and some one knows the particular knowledge.Remember the idea is vital.

Follow is a graph shows the skills you should have before you start make your APP.

Which skills needed to make an APP


Introducing the simple general procession below, which makes you get a big picture of making an APP.

And may change your idea to be an APP founder, seize the chance to be the next Kevin Systrom.

1. Register on iOS Developer program center

2.Sketch the idea you have

sketch app

Absolutely, before you doing this, you should have known well of iPhone or iPad’s UI (user interface). So that you could have perfect design which fit for screen and make some unique features of devices stand out. iPhone Stencil Kit offer different sketch tools to help you make each screen visibly. Draw your every inspiration on paper right away which may spend you almost one thumbnail page.
For those designers, there are also some softwares could facilitate the design procession. iPhone GUI photoshop template or iPlotz. So it’s not easy to create by only one person, someone know software better will be a big helper for those with good idea but not good at writing particular languages.

3. Use Xcode 4 to make it happen

objective c

As we all know, the Xocde is the main tools we use to make APPs. But you’d better know how to use Objective-C or Cocoa language. If you are interested to learn about it, please browse this page which shows the basic knowledge you should know.

4. Submit App

First should set up your iTunes Connect account. Then create a distribution provisioning profile using iOS Provisioning Portal. Finally submit it to the App Store using Xcode.

Here are some links of forum that talking about making APP ,that will be a good idea to share and learn from each other.

Apple Developer Forum

iPhone Dev SDK Forum

iPhone DEV Forum

***Reference from iOS developer Library

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