How to Lock an iPhone

There is no denying that owning an iphone is the ultimate desire of every phone user. This is probably informed by the fact that an iphone comes with unique features that provide a person with an experience of a life time. One of the unique things that a person can do using an iphone is to simply touch the screen and call a person. However, the major worry of many people stems from the fact that a persons iphone may brush against something in the pocket and accidentally call a person. This is where the question “how to lock an iphone” comes in. learning how to unlock an iphone plays a very important role in helping a person prevent unauthorized calls from an iphone.

Learning how to lock an iphone is pretty simple and can be done by anyone provided that they follow the steps to the letter. The first step is to press the sleep/wake button which can be found on the right side of the phone. Pressing the button prompts the phone to lock. Unlocking the iphone is pretty simple and what one needs to do is slide the finger along the bar to unlock it. One should however remember that they can still receive calls and text messages even when their iphones are locked. It’s imperative to note that to lock your iphone plays a very important role in ensuring that unwarranted calls are not made from an iphone.

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