How to Know if iPhone is Unlocked

In countries like the United States, the iPhones are locked or rather restricted to use the network of America alone. If an iPhone is locked, one cannot use another SIM card from another country. This does not only apply in the United States alone, some other countries apply it as well. However, it is sometimes hard to know if an iPhone is locked or unlocked. Well, there are some tips that will give you the knowledge on how to know if iPhone is unlocked because sometimes it is important to buy the iPhone which is unlocked especially if you are a person who travels from one country to another.

One of the ways that you will use to detect if a phone is unlocked is by first taking off the iPhone from its box and opening up the SIM card slot. Secondly, you should remove the SIM card that is inside the iPhone and replace it with your SIM card. You should then close slot where you have placed the SIM card and turn on the iPhone. After doing that, you should later try to call a person through the iPhone. If the call does not go through, it means that the iPhone is locked, but if the call goes through it means that the iPhone is unlocked. Therefore, with this knowledge of how to know if an iPhone is unlocked, one should not be misguided in buying the locked iPhones.

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