How to Import Photos to iPhone

An iPhone is a smart phone that was introduced in 2007. With the iPhone, one can store the digital photos for future viewing and sharing purposes. In order to operate the iPhone, one must have the extra know how; this is because it is computerized. If you want to know how to import photos to iPhone, one must observe some guidelines for an efficient importation. The first step to start with is making sure the iPhone is on and then use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer.

The next step is opening up of the iTunes from your computer. The iTunes can be downloaded and installed freely through the necessary link. After the opening of the iTunes one should locate where the photos’ tab is, which is found after clicking the iPhone icon. If you use a PC, you should use the drop menu to locate the position of your photos. When you use Mac, you can directly select sync photos from iPhoto to locate your photos. When you have located the photos that you are intending to import, you should select the sync option and you will have known how to import photos to iPhone. Any new photo from your computer will be directed automatically to the iPhone.

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