How to Hard Reset iPhone 4S

When all is said and done, an iphone 4s is without a doubt one of the most sophisticated phones manufactured by Apple. This is a unique phone that has taken the world by storm due to its amazing functionality and specifications. However, just like most iphones, an iphone 4s is sometimes experiences problems that may make it unresponsive. As such, a hard reset becomes of essence. A hard reset is basically meant to ensure a successful reboot whenever it’s not responding. It’s quite different from a restore in the sense that a restore is meant to erase all data in an iphone. How to hard reset iphone 4s is the one of the most frequently asked questions by iphone 4s users.

The first thing to do is to simply press and hold the home button and sleep/wake simultaneously. A person is advised to continue holding the two buttons until the iphone 4s goes off. After about 10 to 15 seconds, it’s important for a person to restart the iphone 4s. This should continue until one sees the Apple logo. This is an indication that the hard reset process was successful and therefore a person can go ahead and enjoy the unique services of the iphone 4s. The steps are pretty simple and should be done by anyone who has an unresponsive iphone 4s.

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