How to Get Free iPhone Ringtones

Ringtones play a very important role in helping individuals enjoy their favorite tunes before picking up a phone call. However, it’s imperative to note that Apple has made it pretty difficult for individuals to have their own custom ringtones. They actually give iphone owners two options: pay 0.99 dollars for a 30 second ringtone or get a standard iphone ringtone. This probably explains why the question “how to get free iphone ringtones” has been uppermost in the minds of many iphone owners. There are basically three ways in which a person can get free iphone ringtones. These are: getting them through jailbreak, getting the ringtones without jailbreak and using third party software.

The best way to get free iphone ringtones without jail breaking the iphone is by manually placing AAC files into the correct iTunes ringtones folder. The next thing is to properly convert the songs to m4r format and drag them into the iTunes ringtones folder. However, it should be noted that this method does not work with purchased songs because they are DRM protected. As such, individuals who want to get free iphone ringtones can therefore follow the simple steps and enjoy their favorite ringtones. By so doing, they get to make their lives better.

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