How to Get an IPod out of Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is the state the iPod devices go into when one is doing a standard Ios  upgrade or restore, although recovery modes are accidental one can choose to put their iPods on and off the recovery mode for varied reasons and one can upgrade firmware with restore options. To enter into recovery mode one needs to disconnect the USB cables from the iPod while it is still connected to the PC, launch iTunes, press hold down the home screen and sleep /power button on the top of the iphone to turn off the iphone, continue to hold down the home button until an alert message from iTunes informing you that the device in recovery mode has been detected. this simply means that one has succeed in putting their iPod into recovery mode and one can choose to either restore the device or download a firm ware as is required.

This is the safest method for one to get into recovery mode and eliminate the worry of getting out since there are simple steps to follow on how to get into an iPod out of recovery mode by first holding down the home and power button for up to fifteen seconds to shut off the device and press the power button again to boot the device. If this does not work and the device is stuck on recovery mode and the option of restore and firm ware upgrade does not entice you there is a tool called tiny umbrella or RecBoot one can use to escape but if it does not work either then there is need to re-install Ios firmware for your device to work.

For other devices the following steps might work, first create a folder and name it, unzip both files and right click on them, launch iTunes and plug your device into your computer, put your device in DFU mode by holding the home and power menu and release it after ten minutes while still holding the home button and let the iTunes running. Launch fix recovery and wait for it to get your device out of recovery mode. This is however possible when there is an internet connection since the application will be fetching images from servers. You can disconnect when you see exit option in the terminal window and disconnect from the PC and the process last for minimum of two minutes. Following the above steps to get your iPod out of recovery ensures safety and reliability.

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