How to Format an iPhone the Easy Way

Apple as a company has gained immense popularity all over the globe because of its tendency to release new and better versions every now and then.  However, when newer versions of iphone are released, a majority of people rush to sell their iphones in order to acquire new iphones. It’s imperative to note that one cannot sell their iphone with their personal data and information. This probably explains why formatting becomes of essence. Formatting helps a person to get rid of all personal information by resetting an iphone. How to format an iphone is the major concern of many people who want to sell or give away their iphone.

There are a number of steps that a person should follow when formatting his or her laptop. The first step is to turn on the iphone and then click on the settings icon on the home screen of an iphone. The next step entails clicking on the general tab which will open the general settings of an iphone. One should then scroll down to the “reset” tab and click on it. The last step is to click on the “erase all content and settings” and this will serve to format the entire iphone. The procedure is pretty and can be done by anybody as long as he or she follows all the steps to the letter.

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