How to Find a Stolen iPhone

An iPhone can be stolen but it will be recovered very quickly so yes there are answers to the question how to find a stolen iphone. The iPhones are not like the cell phones, which are stolen without recovery. The iPhone has an electronic system that helps in tracking it when it has been stolen. You cannot only track your phone when it is stolen, but when you have misplaced it as well. Due to the improvement of technology, the device that allows the tracking of the iPhone also has a way that can make your information be saved in the iPhone making it restricted from the people who you do not want to disturb your privacy. For your iPhone to experience these services there are some settings that should be followed systematically. The first step is switching on your iPhone. One should then visit the menu bar and select “settings”. In the settings, one should locate the mails, calendar section and contacts. One should then turn on the application of “find my phone” after turning off the sync of contacts and calendar. This will enable your iPhone tracking, but one should first log on onto the Mobile Me account that makes the iPhone’s GPS settings to always locate your iPhone. The last but very important step is creating a password for logging into your Mobile Me account in your computer for security purposes. You should then send a message that will inform people that your phone location is locked only to you, the owner of the iPhone.

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