How to Find a Lost iPhone 4

iPhones help one to store messages, contacts, images, music and video files all which are essential and private. It is very important for one to know how to find a lost iPhone 4 before the information lands in the wrong hands. Apple offers a free”find my iPhone” service that is used to locate a lost iPhone 4.

To activate the “find my phone” service one taps the mail, contact, calendars and the tap add account. Tap on “MobileMe” in the iPhone and then make entries for the Apple identification. When one has no identification they can tap on “create free Apple ID” and follow the instruction s to create the account. In the email account, one logs in by entering the Apple ID and password in the verification page. In the home page tap the “find my phone “on button and tap allow when the message displays.

The “find my phone” application is very simple. One launches a web browser on their computer and navigates to their website. One keys in the apple ID, password, and signs in. Under the account click on the “find my phone” and the MobileMe service displays the location of the phone thereby helping one on how to find a lost iPhone 4.

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