How to Factory Unlock iPhone 4s the Simplest Way

When all is said and done, there is no denying that an iphone 4s is one of the most sophisticated phones we have on the market. Its unique features and amazing functionality has served to propel it to greater heights of popularity. However, iphone 4s are naturally locked to a given service network. This is informed by the fact that the cell providers sell the phones at a discount hence ensuring that customers enjoy only their services. This probably explains why “how to factory unlock iphone 4s” has been the uppermost question in the minds of many individuals who own these unique gadgets. Before we delve into how one can unlock iphone 4s, it’s imperative to note that all iphones in the United States are locked.

This means that they can only be used within a given geographical area or network. The best and simple way to factory unlock iphone 4s is by simply sending the IMEI code to the manufacturer. The manufacturers will then unlock the phone and indicate the same in their database. What this basically mean is that an iphone 4s can now be free to use the phone from anywhere irrespective of the geographical. Each iphone 4s comes with an IMEI code. All that iphone 4s owners needs to do is send the code to Apple and the manufacturers will factory unlock their iphones. The advantage of this is that iphone 4s owners can update future apple firmware.

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