How to Factory Unlock Iphone 4 the Simplest and Quickest Way

As difficult as it is to believe, one can actually factory unlock their iphone 4 without jail breaking. The process of factory unlocking iphone 4 is pretty simple and one which anyone who owns an iphone 4 can accomplish without much ado. How to factory unlock iphone 4 is without a doubt the uppermost question in the minds of many iphone 4 owner. Luckily enough, the process is pretty simple and one which everyone can manage. All that a person needs to do is provide a unique IMEI that is unique every iphone to the service provider. The service provider will then add the IMEI provided to Apples white list of unlocked iphones. The next step is to restore the iphone in iTunes and wait for the notification that the iphone is unlocked.

How can one get the IMEI number that is given to the service provider? One can get the number from the phone by dialing *#06#. One should then write down the IMEI number that appears on the screen of your iphone. Giving the IMEI number to your service provider is therefore the simplest and quickest way on how to factory unlock iphone 4. This is because one does not have to go through complex processes but only have to send the number to the service provider and wait for their iphones to be white listed.

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