How to Download Music to iPod from Computer

One may require listening to a favorite music piece stored into the personal computer. This could be very easy when one know how to download music to iPod from computer. One first connects the iPod to a personal computer using the iPod USB. This could be located on the front face of a personal computer and on the side of the keys in a laptop. The iTunes are activated by double clicking on its icon on the desktop. The iPod is selected in the iTunes application by clicking the “info” on the left hand side of the application. Click the respective tabs for the music to be synced into the iPod from the computer. The “apply” option is clicked on the lower right corner of the screen which all the settings to take effect. A” merge data, replace data on the service, or replace the data on your computer” prompt appears on the computer which allows one to move song data from the computer to the iPod. Every time the iPod is connected to the personal computer, it will sync up with iTunes and music can be transferred from either of the devices to the other. Learning how to download music to iPod from computer is vital since we are able to transfer our favorite music and can enjoy them in our iPods.

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