How to Download Apps to iphone

Software designers are making numerous apps everyday. One may then wonder how to download apps to iphone that they have seen on the advertisement. Downloading apps to iphone is a simple process that does not have any technicality. One should start by clicking the apps store on the screen of the iphone. The icons at the bottom of the screen will then give you various categories of apps. When one is looking for free apps for the phone they should click the top twenty five and then tap the top free tab. You can also tap featured to know the apps the app stores are promoting for that week. If one knows the name of the app they can type the name and click search. One can then get more information on the app that interests them by tapping on it.

When one has chosen an app of choice, they tap on the price or free button and the app store requests one to enter their apple identification number. If one was using the iTunes before they have identification but for a fast time itune user they follow the guidelines give to obtain one. The app can then be viewed once the download is complete.

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