How to Delete Songs from iPod Touch Without iTunes

The iPod touch operates with a very sensitive touch screen that is controlled using our fingertips. It can access internet via wi-fi, store and display photos, play video, send and receive email, operate numerous applications and store and play numerous songs depending on the model. Learning how to delete songs from iPod touch without iTunes can be an important step to enable one to remove them from the play list with minimal effort. First turn on the iPod touch by pressing the sleep/wake button on the upper edge of the device until the Apple logo appear. Slide the finger to unblock the bottom of your welcome screen. Select music from bar across the bottom and select play list on the iPod touch. From the play list one can se all the songs in the iPod. Select the edit button on the screen that appearing next. Scroll through the play list and touch the red button that appears to the left of the title. This button helps to delete all the songs that one does not want to keep in the iPod. When through, scroll up the screen and select the done button. Select the shuffle option so that the songs are played in a random order. The songs will be played minus the ones deleted. On learning how to delete songs from iPod touch without iTunes, one can always remove songs they do not require from their play lists with ease.

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