How to Delete Songs from IPod Touch: What You Need To Know

The constant question in the lips of many individuals who own iPod touch is how to delete songs from iPod. Many iPod touch owners have probably learnt by now that one cannot delete songs from an iPod touch itself. This is because of the restrictions placed on them by their manufacturers. However, this does mean that the process is cast in stone. Individuals who are not tech savvy will no doubt find the process of deleting songs from an iPod cumbersome. This does not mean that they can’t execute the process. All they need to is learn the steps or processes that need to be followed before one can delete songs from iPod touch. The best way to delete songs from your iPod touch is by doing it through the iTunes. In fact, individuals who do not have iTunes are recommended to download iTunes from the apples website.

What one needs to do before deleting songs from their iPod touch is to set the iTunes settings into manual mode. This can be managed by clicking on the iPod device and checking the manually manage music and videos tab. The next step is to plug in the iPod touch after opening the iTunes, click on the iPod touch icon, and browse through the different media category such as podcasts, movies, music among many others.  Since we want to delete songs from the iPod touch, it’s of essence for a person to select “music” from the menu by clicking on it. By clicking on the music, a list of all your music is displayed hence giving a person an opportunity to delete the ones that he or she is interested in deleting. All that a person needs to do at this point is to right click on a music and scroll down to the delete option and click on it. The song will be as good as deleted.

In order to select multiple songs, what one need to do is hold down onto the “ctrl” and click on the songs that they want to delete. By so doing, one is able to get rid of all the songs that they are no longer interested in listening to. However, individuals should be aware that the method only deletes songs from the iPod and not the music library. As such, learning how to delete songs from iPod touch is of essence in getting rid of unwanted songs.

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