How to Delete Songs from iPod nano to Create Memory for New Songs

After one has listened to music on their iPod nano they might want to delete it to create memory for more music. It therefore calls for one to know how to delete songs from iPod nano. One cannot delete the music directly from the iPod nano so they have to use itune to delete. The personal computer is first installed with the latest itune which helps one to manage the music in their iPod nano. The iPod nano should then be connected to the personal computer using the USB cable. On the devices in the iTunes click the iPod nano and choose the music tab.

On syncing the device a list of play lists, albums, artists, albums and genres of the music present in the itune are displayed. A click on the albums, play lists, artists and albums and genres that one want to remove are selected to be deleted during the next sync. The sync tab at the bottom of the iPod is selected and this deletes all the songs that had been selected.  The eject button is clicked and the iPod nano ejected. When the iPod nano is opened on the music option the deleted music do not appear. This is a clear indication that one has learned how to delete songs from the iPod nano.

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