How to Delete Pictures from iphone

In addition to making calls, the iphone have an added application of taking a photo or uploading from personal computers. Once the user feels that they no longer require the photo, they need to know how to delete pictures from the iphone giving free memory for other applications. The deleting of the photos can be done using the iphone itself or connecting it to a personal computer. To delete the photo directly from the iphone one tap taps the photo icon on the screen of the iphone then the camera roll icon which enable one to see list of photos they have in their devise. One then taps the photo they want to remove from the phone and subsequently taps the icon of the trash bin located to the right of the lower end of the iphone. Finally the delete photo icon is tapped which deletes the photo from the iphone device.

One can also delete photos from the iphone by connecting the iphone to a personal computer that is installed with iTune program. The iTunes always display the iPhone as a device. One then clicks on the phone’s photo tab and uncheck the photo sync from the check box and click on the remove photos tab and click  on the apply which will successfully remove the photos. The iPhone is then ejected and disconnected from the personal computer. Learning how to delete pictures from iphones using a personal computer or direct from the iphone is important since one is able to free space when the iphone is running out of memory.

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