How to Delete Photos from iPhone 4

The iPhone4 is one of the most popular of modern devices. There are so many things that it can be used for, like taking pictures. But sometimes you can get too many pictures in the library and you need to know how to delete photos from iPhone 4 photo libraries to free up some space. It is a rather simple process to delete photos from the device.

When you phone is turned on, hit the “photos” icon on the main screen. This will display a list of all the photos that are stored on the iPhone. Now, choose your camera roll. This is all the pictures that have been taken directly with the iPhone. These are the only types of pictures that can be deleted using this method. Photos stored from other devices will have to be removed using iTunes.

Choose the photo that you want to delete from the iPhone library by pressing it. Once the photo is highlighted, touch the “garbage” button that is located on the bottom portion of the iPhone screen while the photo is still displayed on the screen. Choose “delete” option. The iPhone will automatically ask if you are sure you want to permanently delete the photo. Touch “ok” and the photo will then be deleted.

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