How to Delete Photos from IPhone 4 Photo Library to Free Space for More Images

iPhone 4 have an additional feature of taking or uploading pictures from personal computers. When one has excess photos in their gallery, they can learn how to delete photos from iPhone 4 photo library to free space for more images. One can delete by use of iPhone where the iPhone is turned on and one taps on the photos icon followed by camera roll where one is able to see a list of pictures they have taken with the camera. Tap on the photo one want to delete and then trap on the trash bin on bottom right corner.  Tap the delete option to remove the picture from the iPhone library.

One can also delete photos from the iPhone library using iTunes. The iPhone is connected to the personal computer using a USB that come with the device and iTunes is launched. The iTunes displays the iTunes as a device on the panel at the left. Click on the iPhone followed by the photos tab. The sync photo is unchecked from the check box and remove button clicked. When the apply option is clicked the photos are completely removed helping one to solve the dilemma of how to delete photos from iPhone 4 photo library.

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