How to Delete Music from IPod

An iPod is a unique gadget that comes with amazing features and functionality. All the features of an iPod sometimes poses a challenge for the average user. This is why many people who own the gadget have resorted to sorting advice from people who are tech savvy and who have a certain kind of understanding on how an iPod works. The uppermost question in the minds of many individuals is how to delete music from iPod. It’s imperative to note that there are two ways in which a person can know how to delete music from iPod. The first method is by automatically deleting music from an iPod while the second entails manually deleting music from an iPod.

We want to look at the steps that one should follow when using either of the two method. Individuals who want to delete songs from iPod automatically should first double click on the iTunes icon, go to library and click on music, select a song one wishes deleted and select delete from the drop down menu. The last step entails you connecting your iPod to a computer where the iTunes will automatically sync  an iPod. This process is pretty simple and requires a person to follow the simple steps.

The second method is where a person manually deletes music from iPod. This method entails a person connecting their iPod to a computer, opening up iTunes, checking the option manually manage music, go to devices and click on the iPod name, click on playlist which display all the songs or music, choose a song you want deleted and choose delete on the drop down menu. All these methods that are used to delete songs from iPod are pretty simple and can be achieved without any difficulties. All that a person needs to do is to ensure that they follow the steps to the letter. How to delete music from iPod is therefore a simple and easy process that even the average users can learn and have a great experience with an iPod.

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