How to Delete Apps on iPod Touch 4g

Thousand of apps are being made each day and it is quite tempting to buy and install them into our devices. One may have apps in their iPod that  are not being used and just eating up  space and leave one wonder how to delete apps on iPod touch 4g. Some of these extra apps may run on start up bringing the performance of the iPod to a snail pace. The apps can be completely removed from the device or temporarily removed and restored from iTunes in the personal computer.

To remove the apps completely from the device, one begins with powering the iPod touch and on the home screen; it displays the entire currently installed applications browse to the application one want to remove from the iPod touch. Tap on the app and hold down and the application icon changes revealing a cross at the corner. To delete the icon tap on the cross sign which prompts one to confirm deletion through a dialogue box. On confirmation of deletion, the icon ceases to exist on the iPod touch. If one does not to delete the apps completely, they could just delete them from the phone and get them back when they need them later through syncing with iTunes. Knowing how to delete apps on iPod touch 4g is vital for one is able to get rid of apps with low utility in their device.

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