How to Copy music from iPod to Mac

It is important to probably know that iPod is one of the best portable music players known in the world. It is easy to operate and it is easy to carry making it portable. During the past when music was introduced to CD’s and DVD’s, it was hard to port or copy music from one device to another. However, since the introduction of the iPods the answer on how to copy music from iPod to Mac has been in the green light. With the iPod, one can port music from it to the Mac.

The first step to follow if you want to transfer music from an iPod to a Mac is downloading and installing an application that is known as Senuti. This application is the key to the music transfer because through it music is transferred from your iPod to your Mac. The second step is opening up Senuti to study how it functions and know more about it. This Senuti application has some similarity with the iTunes but this does not limit its functions. The third step is selecting the preference tab that will bring out the tab of copying. This is where you must connect the iPod to your Mac. Then you visit the song library of your iPod and select the songs that you want to copy to your Mac. Lastly, when you are sure that the iPod is well connected to the Mac, you press the copy button and the process of copying will start. This is the answer on how to copy music from iPod to Mac.

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