How to Copy Music from IPod to Computer

Individuals who own an iPod have probably realized that it’s very easy to how to copy music from iPod to computer and not the vice versa. This is informed by the fact that Apple places restrictions on individuals that limit them from copying music from iPod to computer. the solomonical wisdom behind it is informed by the fact that Apple want to guard against acts of piracy as well as protect the reputation of their company probably to safeguard the interests of those who sell their songs via Apple. However, it’s imperative to note that there are many genuine reasons as to why a person would want to transfer music from iPod to computer. “How to copy music from iPod to computer” is probably the frequent most asked question by the iphone users.

The advancements in technology have made it possible for individuals to transfer music from their iPods to their computers. The process of copying music is pretty simple and can be easily understood by the average iPod user. There are a number of ways or steps that an iPod user can utilize in copying songs from their iPod to a computer. The first method entails copying music to a laptop. This method involves the following steps: plugging iPod into computer for it to be recognized>enabling disk in iTunes>opening up my computer and clicking on iPod device>click on tools and drag down to folder options>click on show hidden folders>double click on iPod control folder and select music>copy the music on a new folder in the hard drive and you are good to go.

The second method entails copying music to a PC. It involves the following steps: connecting an iPod to a computer>avoiding the auto sync>open up the my computer to find the iPod device>reveal hidden folders>copy iPod songs on your hard drive in a new folder>import the folders to iTunes music library>select the folder to import to and click ok. This will enable you enjoy your lovely iPod songs on your computer. “How to copy music from iPod to computer” is therefore a simple process even to the average user. All that a person needs to do is to diligently follow the steps and start enjoying the iPod music on their computers.

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