How to Copy and Paste on ipad

The ipad is one of the twenty first century inventions that have seen the world move at a fast pace technologically but even though we have the technology there are some minor things that are not clear to m any thus the question how to copy and paste on ipad. First and foremost, one should know that copying and pasting would save them a lot of time especially if they love writing texts.  So the next question would be how does one go about it? One has to go to the screen which has any sort of writing be it an email or text. A picture cannot be copied then pasted. When you identify what you   want, you simply point it and hold your finger there until a magnifying glass appears then hover it on the text. From the screen let, your fingers go and tap the part written select. The text will be highlighted and expanded after that tap the part that says copy. Now one should go to the text entry box, press and hold until they see the paste sign. When this happen s one should tap the paste button so that the text they copied can be pasted where they want thus that is how to copy and paste on ipad.

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