How to Clean an iPad Screen

How to Clean an iPad ScreenApart from an iPad being used as a form of entertainment, it also needs its maintenance measures. One of the ways of maintaining the iPad is by knowing how to clean iPad screen. The screen of the iPad should not be filled with the smudged marks or marks of fingerprints, considering that its screen some times is used for its operations. If you want to clean your iPad there are some steps that one is required to follow in order to avoid any damage to the iPad. One of the necessary steps is by unplugging all the connections or cables attached to the iPad and then you switch off the iPad. This is done by holding the sleep or wake button and the onscreen slider moves downwards to put the iPad off. The next step is searching for a damp soft clothing material that one can use to moisten the screen of the iPad.

The other solution of moistening the screen is by the use a cleaning solution like the Squeegit. While moistening the screen one should make sure that any opening on the iPad is closed to discourage any form of moisture getting into it. The other restricted rule is that one should not use the window cleaners. This is because the window cleaners damage the coating of oleophobic on the iPad. Finally, one should carefully wipe the screen after making sure that the clothing material used for wiping does not have any dust or sand particles. By doing this, one will be able to satisfy  their need to know how to clean an iPad screen.

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