How to Change iPhone Themes Using the iPhone Hack Toolkit

Apples the manufacturers of iPhone provide a restriction to the number of theme that should be placed behind these icons. This can be reversed by use of iPhone hack toolkit that helps one to hack into the iPhone system, jailbreak it and enable one to change the themes. This creative software is free to download and use. After one has hacked into their iPhone, they can choose and download themes of choice into their iPhones. After knowing how to change iPhone themes one downloads themes from the websites in sights such as PqDvd that offer a variety of themes free. Most of the downloaded theme files are in the form of .pkg.

Install the latest version of iTunes into the personal computer. One can buy it from the store or download from the net. The iTune is important as it is required for the hacking program to work properly. Download the iPhone hack toolkit into the personal computer and connect the iPhone to the computer. Open the iPhonehacktoolkit1.0.exe file and select jailbreak option. This allows unlocking any restriction on the iPhone enabling one to substitute the themes in the iPhone with themes of choice. One can import the themes they downloaded earlier to the iPhone and apply it. On learning how to change iPhone themes one can change themes as many times as possible.

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