How to Block Your Phone Number

There may be one of any number oHow to Block Your Phone Numberf reasons that you would like to know how to block your phone number. The number usually shows up automatically on the receiver’s caller ID. There is a simple procedure that can be done to block the cell phone number from displaying on other’s caller IDs. You can block it permanently or you can just block it for each call. You do not have to spend any money for some expensive device to perform the process.

The way to block it permanently is to ask your cell phone carrier to add a “line block” to your cell phone account. This will block your number from every single person and no one will be able to detect your phone number when you call them. Simply dial 611 on your cell phone and it will automatically phone the company you have your cell phone service with.

If you are in a situation and you want the person you are calling to be able to see your number you can do so. If you have a permanent block on your phone number you can dial *82 before calling the number you are trying to reach. This will allow your number to be displayed for this call only.

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