How to Block Your Phone Number when Calling Someone

Caller identification allows one to identify the person calling and enable them to make a decision on whether receive the call or not. When one makes a call and finds out that the call is being ignored they can decide to block their number to prompt the other party to receive it. You need to learn how to block your phone number when calling someone to have a quick response.

If one needs to block their number permanently, they need to call the service provider customers service care unit or visit their nearest offices. After blocking the number permanently, any other time one requires having their number unblocked will require them to call or visit the service provider for the same. When one want to block their number on call-to-call basis, press star and sixty-seven on the phones keypad. After setting the call blocking feature there are no special signs to show that it works. One can test whether it is functioning by calling a phone that is at your vicinity and confirm whether the number is blocked. Blocking the number does not apply to emergency calls and toll free services. It is only applicable to individual and business telephone numbers.

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