How to Block a Number on an iPhone

There are times when every phone user feels that a certain person is not pleasing and they would like to cut off any form of contact with them including phone calls. For those with the other types of cell phones blocking a number is something that is easy as breathing in and out but the question still lingers on how to block a number on an iPhone.  An iPhone is the latest technology in the telecommunications sector and because of that it should be handled with all the care that it deserves.

The process of blocking a number on your iPhone begins by jail breaking since one will never be able to block any number from a phone that has not been jail broken. The next step is tapping an application known as the cydia and it will open the phone therefore allowing you to type and get the app known as iBlacklist. Tap this app and select the add new blacklist option whereby you will have to enter the name and number of the person to be blocked. A red call switch will appear as soon as you have indicated that you want to block the number of a certain contact. Swiping your finger across this switch will turn it on thus causing it to block not only calls but messages from whoever seems to be a nuisance to you. Now what type of blocking do you want? You can choose for the blocked number’s calls to go to your voicemail or to always be getting a busy signal. One can also choose to have those calls to automatically hung up. You can decide all these by tapping the option of action to be performed and choose which one you prefer. Finally one will need to click a blue button and the contact is officially blocked and all changes are saved while the number is deposited in the blacklist.

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