How to Add Videos to iPod

All iPods come with a screen that enables one to view album cover and videos with a lone exception of the iPod shuffle. One needs to know how to add videos to iPod so as to enjoy the clear motion pictures displayed by iPods. One should first save the videos they need to add to a compatible mode with iTunes, which could either be a quick time format mp4. The video is highlighted and on the advanced menu on the screen click create iPod version or convert selection for iPod option. The conversion of how to add videos to iPod takes a few minutes for small files but longer for larger files.

The iPod is connected to the personal computer with the provided cable and then click on the device option on the itune library which brings option of the iPod. Click on the movies or video tab and then automatically update all videos. After a few minutes the iPod will sync up with the iTunes and then eject the iPod and finally disconnect it. On the menu button select the video or movie option and one can view the added video or movie. One should learn to add videos to an iPod and carry entertainment with them all the time.

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