How to Add Pictures to iPad

Technology is great but every user wants to get the most out of each of your devices. Many people like to view their pictures on the new iPad. Users want to know how to add pictures to iPad so that they can be carried with them and viewed with others. It is a relatively easy process to upload your pictures from another device to the iPad. The iPad has some great features that allow users to view them in either orientation, landscape of portrait. Touch screen functions also allow viewers to pan the photo, rotate the picture, zoom either in or out and various other options.

To up add pictures to the iPad first connect it to the computer using the USB cable to connect the two. Once the USB is connected to the USB port and the iPad dock connector iTunes should automatically launch. Once iTunes comes up, click on the icon for the iPad under the “devices” tab. Then select the tab titled “photos” at the tip of the iTunes menu. You should see the option to “sync photos from ;” check this box. When the menu drops down next to the “sync photos from” pane choose the computer folder which contains the pictures you desire to upload.

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