How to Add eBooks to Kobo

How to Add eBooks to Kobo

How to Add eBooks to Kobo



















In case if you still don`t know what Kobo is, the Kobo eReader is the device which allows you to read no matter if is a book, magazines or even newspaper, in most cases, it has a monochromatic screen which resemble to a paper book, you could just simply order the book and download e-books on Kobo`s flash memory, very simple and easy and that is perhaps the reason that it has become a trend as well as iPad because it’s convenient. The Kobo e-reader also comes with 100 free books installed, for extra books, all you need to know is simply download the file to your Kobo via internet or simply connect it to PC with USB cable, today we will show you how to add eBooks to Kobo.

How to Add book to Kobo 3

How to Add book to Kobo 3


1. Plug the USB cable into both the USB port from your Kobo eReader and your PC with internet-connected, the versions require system such as XP, Vista or even Window 7, for Mac it requires OS X 10.5 or later.

Once you plugged in, the Kobo eReader icon will appear on the desktop, just simple click the Kobo icon and open it up for installing the Kobo application on your desktop.

2. Follow the procedure by double-clicking the Kobo icon on your desktop to launch the Kobo application. Click the option of “create an account” to sign in the Kobo site.

3. Once you entered to the Kobo store, you can browse place such as Top 50, browse categoeis and even home to search for your desired book, if you want the specific name of the book, you can also use the search button, once you searched, the detail of the book will appear such as contents and price, simply click the link of books you want and buy it then you will be able to download to your computer.

4. Once you download the book, click “sync” from the Kobo desktop application to synchronize into your Kobo eReader by copying book into the device, please do not forget to charge your device from plug in your USB cable. In order to identify the battery status,when the Kobo eReader light turns blue it means your device is fully charged, If you finish the sync, simply right click the Kobo icon and select “Eject” to unplug your device.

For wireless features, simple press the “Shop” button on Kobo, and press the navigation option and choose the “update library”, then select the option of wireless s to sync the book from your desktop to your eReader device.

5. Once you press the shop button, you use the navigation pad to highlight “Shop Now” and press the center of the navigation pad to choose it, then the eReader will show up all the available wifi that you could use, choose your network and select it. Now the Kobo device will connect to online bookstore so you can select the books that you would like to read and purchase it to your device.

6You can also install SD memory card into the slot of your device either your ebook reader or your computer, just drag books stored in the PDF or EPUB format from your desired folder, and there you go, fast and easy.

Once you have planned to plug in the SD card into your Kobo device, do not forget to switch off the Kobo eReader, install properly the SD card into the top of the reader and then reopen it then it will scan the SD flash memory for book and update the book immediately in your library, please know that you will only be able to read the books on the card, but not copy book from the card to the eReader’s flash memory.

7. Press the navigation pad and select “manage library”, and select “open folder to view files” a window will open on your computer and it will show all the contests that you have inside your eReader.

8. For copying your ebook from your computer to the device, simply click on the EPUB or PDF format in the folder on your computer and drag them to the eReader window for copy paste.

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