How Does the iPad Connect to the Internet

The ipad being a touch-screen tablet computer is one of the current computer technologies in the market. With its unique size and features, many are left with the question of how does the ipad connects to the internet. The ipad has variety of free apps including ones that connect to the internet. the Mail app allow  one to exchange email contact, the App Store app and itunes store apps allow one to browse, search and download apps, music, games and videos. The FaceTime app enables one to make free video calls over the internet. The basic ipad connect to the net through the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi+3g model connects over cellular networks.

Both the ipad models connect to the internet wirelessly through the Wi-Fi. To power the wireless connection, press the home button and tap on the setting icon on the home screen.  Tap on the wi-fi and then followed by on button. Tap the “ask to join network” option to the on settings. This enables the device to look for the hotspots and attempts to get connection. Enter the password when prompted to by the hotspot.

In addition to wi-fi connection, the wi-fi+3g ipad offer cellular data connection. To power the cellular data connections tap the setting, then cellar data and set it on. The cellular data will be charged depending on the data provider. The question of how does the ipad connect to the internet is clearly explained by either of the two methods.

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