How Do I Sync My iPod to a New Computer Without Loosing Music?

Syncing your iphone enables one to manage his iphone data for the iTunes in the personal computer sorts and add data into the iPod. Syncing the iPod to a computer which has an empty library will lead to loss of all the data in an iPod. Therefore, when syncing an iPod on a new computer great caution should be taken to avoid the loss. The big question that lingers on the owners remains how do I sync my iPod to a new computer without loosing music? One should ensure that they have the latest version of iTunes into their personal computers.

The iphone is plugged into the personal computer using USB cable and give time for the iTunes to read the iphones files. The iphone is opened after the iTunes detect its presence in the computer. The itune might fail to open the iphone automatically; if it does, don’t try to force it to open again but use the manual method. When one is using the manual method one clicks on the iphone icon which brings the iphone summary icon. Click the manually manage music and videos followed by apply option. This helps one to get an answer of to the question of how do i sync my iPod to a new computer since the music is successfully added or removed from the iphone without loosing music in it. After completion of the syncing uncheck the manually manage music and videos box.

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