How Do I Sync My IPhone Contacts Using Bluetooth

IPhone is a smart phone, which is blue tooth, enabled allowing one to organize and view contacts on the iPhone. It is possible to sync the contacts in the iPhone with contacts in the computer’s contact management system. This makes many to ask themselves the question of how do i sync my iPhone contacts using blue tooth. One should be aware that the contacts application can sync with Microsoft outlook 2003 and 2007, Yahoo Address book, outlook express and Windows address book. One should first set the blue tooth on by tapping on the setting on the screen, then the general option where the bluetooth option is chosen and set on.

Click start button on the personal computer and select the control panel. Under the hardware and sounds subsection, click on the Add a Device link. Click on the iPhone as the device to add followed by click of the Next option.  The pairing numbers that appear in the computer and the iPhone should be compared followed by a click of the Next button. Double click on the iPhone then click on the contacts to enable the devices contacts sync with the computer’s contact management system. Time should be given for the iPhone to sync its contact with the computer’s contact management system where the computer prompts one when it is through with the process.

1 comment on “How Do I Sync My IPhone Contacts Using Bluetooth

  1. Chris

    I tried the instructions and reached the part where the iPhone pairs with my PC. However, it was not paired since Windows 7 did not find the drivers for my iPhone. What gives? 😥

    Maybe there is another way to sync and back up my iPhone contacts directly to my PC?


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