How Do I Delete Songs from My iPod Touch

One can load music of choice into their iPod touch. The music in the ipad is in media form as opposed to the use of physical forms like the compact discs. The music is downloaded from the internet and added into the iPod touch using the itune software. One can then listen to the music till they are tired and the next thing they tend to ask themselves is how do I delete songs from my iPod touch to create space for new songs?

The first thing one should do is downloading a latest version of the itune software into there personal computer if they did not have from the onset. The itune could be downloaded from internet or bought from the software stores. The iPod is then connected to the personal computer using the USB cable that came with it. The iTunes are then run in the personal computer and the iPod touch that appears on the screen is clicked to display the iPods play list. The song that needs to be deleted is then highlighted. You should then click the edit option followed by the delete which will solve the puzzle of how to delete a song from the iPod touch as you will have removed it from the device.

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