How Do I Delete Photos from Iphone Photo Library

It is really easy to gather quite a large collection of pictures on your iPhone, especially when you are experimenting after it is first purchased. Once your photos start filling up then you may ask someone, how do I delete photos from iPhone photo library? This can be a very simple process if you have your USB cable with which to connect the iPhone to the computer it is synced with.

First you will need to connect the USB to the computer’s USB port and the other end of it to the iPhone. After you have opened iTunes click the icon for your iPhone under the “devices” tab that is displayed on the left hand side of the screen. From there you will choose “sync photos from.”  Then select the application that you use to sync your iPhone photos with your computer. Click “selected albums” and then check each album so that they are no longer selected. After this, click “apply.” After you apply this action there will no longer be any photos in the library on the iPhone. It will be empty and you will have room to take new photos so that they can be stored in the iPhone’s photo library.

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