How Can I Print from My Ipad?

I get asked a lot and see lots of people talking about how it’s not possible to print from the iPad. Can we print from my ipad? The answer is yes. You absolutely can print from the iPad.

In fact if you have the right type of printer and a decent app, wireless printing from the iPad works very well.

First, a wireless printer is needed. It’s simple to use if your printer is AirPrint-enabled.

Here is the list of printers that support AirPrint which will allow you to print from your iPad.

No software is required when using an AirPrint enabled  printer to print from the iPad, the only  thing you need is to have the iPad connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If your printer is not on the AirPrint compatible list. Then you need to buy one or look elsewhere. Fortunately, there are third party apps that can save the day. It can print through a computer when needed, but also communicates directly with most wireless printers. 

Actually it’s not complicated to print a document with the iPad. Here are the steps you can follow:



1.Tap the arrow icon, the arrow icons might be slightly different depending on the application.
2.Tap ‘Print’.
3.Tap ‘Select Printer’ to choose a printer.
4.Check out some of the printer options, such as number of copies and other goodies.
5.Tap ‘Print’.
6.You can double-click the Home button and tap the Print Center icon to see the status of the print job.
7.To cancel a print job, double-click the Home button, tap the Print Center icon, choose the print job and 8.tap ‘Cancel Printing.’

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