Earth Day Activity: How you Drop Off your Computers?


how to drop off your computer

This Sunday-April 22nd 2012— is Earth Day, which reminds us to take care of earth environment problems again. We found there are a lot battery recycled boxes just right beside the cashier in the supermarket. May you never find one place to recycle your big electronic gadgets, such as PC or other equipment. Knowing as the rapid develop of new technology today, replacement of new electronic gadget is as fast as switch speed of girl’s clothes. Of course, you couldn’t drop off your PC just right in garbage. So 123InkCartridges have some tips for our customers to contribute a little to our planet.



  •  Contact your computer or electronic device manufacturer to see what kind recycling programs they offers.

Most major electronics manufacturers will take care of your obsolete products by their recycling options. Such as Dell’s free home system recycling program and Levnovo Canada’s PC recycling service. As the same you should pay for 5 cents for a plastic bag, paying for the manufactures is necessary too. E-waste is composed of hundreds of different materials which contain toxic material, and exactly harmful to the environment and human beings. So don’t save this amount of money to poison ourselves.

  •  Find out what electronics recycling programs your city has

In Canada, Alberta has the Alberta Recycling Management Authority and more than 180 collection sites among the province. Their fee is funded by environmental fees which part of your electronics purchase. Other province B.C, Ontario, Nova Scotia and so on, they all have the similar programs. However, Quebec does not have a provincial computer recycling program; it is available in many cities. In Montreal, Electronic Recycling Association is a place to drop off e-waste. Or some companies are both as a business and residential an electronics recycling spot. Here some links may useful to you.


Moonbase systems


  •  Donate or sold your electronic equipments to help others

This way is easy to be found near your living place, or search on the internet there would be a lot charities and non-profit organization waiting your help. Electronic Recycling Association is this kind of organization which collects old computers for donations and recycling.

Basically, above three is the mainly way to solve the e-Waste problem. Hope from the Earth Day this Sunday April 22nd 2012, enjoy your new electronic gadgets but also give them a best end-result. Love the planet and make every day as your Earth Day.

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