Does the New iPad Have a Microphone Built In?

Manufacturers of iPad have ensured that the device has an in built microphone for convenience. Since the device does not support an internal microphone users are treated to a reliable microphone located at the top of the device for easy access. For many new iPad users the question on does the new iPad have a microphone Is eminent since it is a small port and one can easily miss it, the microphone can be used for various tasks including making calls including VoIP calls like Skype and face time to convey audio messages to the user and make communication easy and enjoyable for both users, also to give voice clarity while talking.

The microphone can also be used for recording audio output like during lectures and meetings one can use for recording while taking short notes and use the recording for future reference, if one likes using the fancy iPad covers in the market it is important for one to choose one that has open space for the microphone port for easy access to the microphone port. The port is located at the top of the device to differentiate it from the other ports at the bottom and avoid confusion and easy access.

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